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My Mission   

Tammy Kelichner,(TK), Hair Doc TK  Creator and Founder of Newdimenionsionextensions, Started her  Private Salon After Losing her own hair at the age of 17. HairDoc Tk is an Extensions Service Provider, Salon Educator, Mentor, Hair Advocate, Wellness Guru, and Advanced Platform Hair Extension Trainer.  HairDoc TK was trained in Europe, and has over 35 years plus in the Beauty, Entertainment, and Medical Industries and has a teaching degree as well as a Cosmetology License to teach in over 4 states. A retired local SAG Hollywood Actress, with ongoing wellness certifications through NASM. With over 35 plus years expertise trained with Great Lengths, Socap, Eurolocs, Hairlocs,Cinderella, Hotheads, Babes, Beaded Wefts,Dream Catchers, Sew-ins,speedy wefts, Lace Frontals, Tapes, Cold fusion, Monkey Bars,  and more she has know been able to create her own hair restoration and hair extension systems importing her own hair and has a patent pending for her advanced training, her own ergonomically designed extensions tools and will be listing those she mentors on her new community directory , extension hair salons , and also on the new 5013c charity for those licensed professionals who want to be involved in the medical side, Superhairoes  

HairDoc TK has become well known for providing both licensed and reputable services and information on advanced training, certifications and salon resources and listings.  A successful trainer, instructor, and volunteer support group lecturer with a new initiative to change the laws locally here in Arizona to protect all the licensed professionals.  She continues to mentor her community of educators recruited through her Ted Talk in 2018, and her book soon to be released, where she shares her inspirational life story and the reasons for her relentless advocacy efforts across the hair-loss communities and hair experts nationwide 

New Dimension Extensions Salon, By HairDoc Tk, Has been Arizona’s Favorite Hair  Extensions and Holistic Color corrections Services and Advanced Training and Hair  Regrowth Center for over 3 decades, I never knew how many people needed my help says Ceo “HairDoc Tk 

Avoid High Unaffordable Prices with the big salons! I offer one on one private holistic services and we cater to only one or 2 clients a day with the sole focus on YOUR investment and Hair and Lash health. Most extensions only salons are all about the NAME and what I call ” smoke and mirrors “. it isn’t about the location when it comes to great hair health and the best extensions methods for YOUR personalized needs, it’s about the missions statement education and what’s inside that matters for those who want to be recreated in a peaceful setting, and not to be scammed. 

Working Continual in the salon arena since 1988, “HAirDocTk aka ” tammy Kelichner “, has worked for many of the big companies in the beauty field business. She was the Chicago Regional Makeup educator for Aveda for 10 years, from there she became a Platform artist for Farouk in Californian as the Color Educator and merged with Eurlocs Extensions Company as there Regional Platform Extensions DIrector. From California, she relocated to Arizona  where she had a 14 char salon in the heart of old town Scottsdale  

HairDoc Tk, after being “misdiagnosed ” with lupus, then renal cell carcinoma, she learned that many of the triggers of this horrible disease and most of her own hair loss were from stress and an overload of toxins, despite the fact that she personally practiced health an safety measure. She couldn’t make her self or her long-tern clients live and breath health beauty and wellness or expect the many stylists she mentors to have the same vision. So she decided to open a smaller, private, one on one wellness salon with organic materials, clean air, recycled floor paint and utilization, a complete PH balanced, the sulfate-free line to keep her lungs, and her client’s hair health un-compromised. No heavy chemical smells, no loud blow dryers, no gossip or constant chatter. It’s only about YOU for the day with catering to each individual needs to customize each client with a one-stop approach.! HairDoc Tks entire core belief is based on two mottos, Great Hair Health, and Renew, Regrow, Retrain

Some Salons use products that contain highly toxic chemicals, metallic dyes, ammonia, and odorless gasses. the use of such toxic products can affect your hair health, your physical long term health and the health of your stylist and lastly the integrity of your long term extensions investment! I only will continue to implement the best and healthiest methods along with organic, paraben-free products and home hair care.

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